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Contributing to the 1minuteproject

The goal of the 1minutestoryproject is to have fun writing and sharing short stories. The advantage to the project is that provides a creative challenge in a collaborative environment without requiring huge time commitments. You can participate online and write at your own pace. To prevent our inner editors from choaking the stories in us before they get out, the stories will be written in one sitting and shared without editing.

Contribution to the 1minutestoryproject is strictly by invitation only.

Each round is generally open to all previous participants. However, the organizer will probably limit the numuber of participants, as the administrative effort is considerable.

This is how it works.

  1. You accept the invitation and agree to sumit one topic and write and share at least eight stories.
  2. You submit one topic. The topic is basically a writing prompt. It can be a word, a phrase or a sentence. Prompts that get the best respones are usually open to interpretation (e.g., not overly specific, like "Write about a time that you were on a bus and realized that you were on the wrong bus and were headed to Huston against your will.") The number of the topics will be at least the number of participants. So, 8 participants means 8 or more topics.
  3. You will recieve one topic at a time. DO NOT LOOK AT THE TOPIC until you are ready to write the cooresponding story.
  4. Once you are ready, you look at the topic and you write the story in a single sitting. This means, sit down with your notebook/laptop/wax tablet, open the topic, commense writing and don't stop until the story is finished. Except to pee, of course.
  5. You send the unedited story to the round organizer. Resist the urge to edit! You can edit later.
  6. You will recieve the next topic.
  7. When all the stories for one topic are submitted, the storys will be posted on
  8. You read the stories written by the other participants and enjoy!

The organizer retains the right to reject any story or participant for any reason. Just a hint here, HATEFUL STORIES AND BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anger is ok, disussions of race/gender/religion/politics is OK. Stories that incite bullying, hate or the dehumiization of any one are deemed unacceptable.

Potentially triggering content will be identified as such by the organizer when the story is posted.


In general, 1minutestories should be short and spontaneous. The following are optional guidelines for keeping the story length down:

Abandon these guidelines if they are getting in your way. The only thing that matters is completing the stories!